Saturday, February 21, 2009

Roses and Clovers

With Hammy dead and bloated (STP reference, nevermind), Jadyn's hamster cage needed a new tenant--and what better way to replace one hamster than with TWO hamsters?? Cute factor multiplied by two, with double the stink and double the mess. [Joy] One of the reasons Jadyn believes that Hammy died was that she, and I quote, "didn't put enough effort into his name", so this time around, Jade spent some time picking out names for her new hamsters (both girls): Rosalina and Clover. They are messy little critters, but they don’t have offensively large testicles, which makes them way better than Hammy already.

Meet Rosalina and Clover:


Reese said...

"offensively large testicles" thanks for the vivid picture this put in my head! :|

Jennifer said...

Finally some pictures for the two! They are cute?? I bet Jadyn loves them so much!!

NduguNStephie said...

I laughed so hard at Jadyn's reasoning.. that I farted AND snorted!.. just ask Daniel! HAHAHA!

I also had to wake up Daniel just to read him that line HAHAHA! Soo funny!

Too bad I just noticed this post AFTER Rose blah blah died.. What in the HELL are you doing to those hamsters!? Excercising them in the wheel to death!?

Maybe Petsmart will ban you from buying another.. OO I know.. You just need a black one...and you can name him.. Blackie HAHAHAHA Might as well give him a "no effort" name since he will probably die in the Casa de la Lopez anyway..


Can you tell I got distracted at the end of my comment? Just for you to know.. I am laughing a little too hard at my comment.. that you can call me MOM.. HAHAHAHA!

NduguNStephie said...

WOW! Look at how long my comment is!!! Maybe I should copy and paste it in my blog.. so It can count as a blog! HAHAHA!