Monday, December 17, 2012

Naughty or Nice 8K - December 15, 2012

Over the weekend, Monica, Chanel and I ran in the Naughty or Nice 8K.  The most significant thing about this run that we did was it was my first 8K.  I have never run more than 5K, so this is very exciting.  Although my time wasn't great (I blame it on the fact that the illness that took over my body last week had not--and still has not--completely disappeared).  It was great practice as I recently signed up for my first Half Marathon, to take place in March 2013.

All very exciting stuff.

Anyway...the three of us DID dress up for this race.  Chanel was a candy cane (NICE), Monica was a stocking (NICE) and I was Coal (NAUGHTY NAUGHTY GIRL).  We didn't win the costume contest...but we looked pretty damn cute out there.

Here are the three of us together:

Here is a picture of Monica and Me...the Stocking and the Coal:

And finally...a picture of Monica and me after the race.  WE DID IT!!!   We were both 8K virgins!!!

Side note...the Gatorade I'm holding was probably the most delicious thing I've ever had.  It was gone so fast.

Reindeer Dash - December 8, 2012

My friend Monica and I participated in a Reindeer 5K two weeks ago as a fun event to keep us on our toes.  It wasn't very eventful and my time was not good AT ALL--I came in 6/20 in my age group.  Shameful...but it was a good workout, pretty windy and with a great girl. 

Here we are at the start of our race--we were some of the very few that didn't wear cute little Christmas socks or reindeer gear.