Monday, February 9, 2009

Jessica Simpson: Mom Jeans

Although I am not a fan of Jessica Simpson, I have been feeling sympathetic towards her since she made that ridiculous decision to split with Nick Lachey. She has not only gone from one relationship to the next, being burned each time, but her weight is constantly fluctuating and the media scrutinizes every aspect of her life. Now, I firmly believe that if you crave stardom and your dreams are realized then there are consequences. The millions upon millions of dollars that a celebrity receives comes at the price of their privacy...and that's just the way of the business.

Jessica's weight has been in the news for a couple of weeks. She is being called fat by the media and her 'mom jeans' seem to be a topic of conversation on and off the web. In a recent issue of Us Weekly Magazine, there is a story devoted to her weight and a blip on the front cover to help sell their magazines. The story on the inside has her estimated weight in this so-called 'fat' picture at a whopping 135 pounds. Wow...whatever will she do with all of that weight...(sarcasm).

I bet more than half of the women in the United States - 5'0" and up - are dying to be 135 pounds (sometimes literally, right?). Just because Jessica Simpson isn't a size zero and isn't part of the anorexic Hollywood scene, does not mean she is fat. It leaves me to wonder how many women out there read this magazine article and felt bad about themselves because they weigh more than this so-called 'fat' celebrity.

If you look at the picture above, you will see that not only are her jeans really high ("mom jeans")but her double belt is really tight around her waist, causing a slight bulge that even super skinny people get (Selma Blair on Kath & Kim in last night's episode). In addition, Jessica's breasts are huge and they are sagging just a bit, which make her look even more 'fat'.

Simpson is the cover story of last week's Us Weekly. I do look forward to reading this article, as it discusses weight battles and infidelity rumors! (Hey, what goes around comes around, right??)

So...this will probably be the only time in my life that I go on the defense for Ms. Simpson. I'm glad you were here to witness it!


Reese said...

finally i get to read it!! you know she could dress better i dont think those jeans would look good on anyone :)

NduguNStephie said...

She should fire her stylist for putting her in that outfit.. PLUS invest in a bra that lifts her boobs! She might have DD's but they are gross DD's.. even in her slim days!

Kelly said...

I totally agree and think that basically the jeans were a bad decision all around!!

Carly Jane said...

Jeans didnt help anything. but i would KILL to be 135 again. My drivers license says that Im 130 and I know that is a lie but shhhh they just renew it and dont ask questions... but I would love to be 135 again and keep it that way if that means that I am "fat" then I must be a COW now.