Monday, September 22, 2008

1998 Heritage Hall Reunion

Saturday night was my highschool reunion, which was located at The Skirvin Hotel. Ten Years, wow, we are getting old…FAST!!! It was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be--it was nice to see everyone. We are all so grown up now!! After meet and greet and the slide show, the party was taken to the downstairs bar and after five shots, two of straight vodka, I was totally wasted. Not drunk, wasted. This happens to me maybe once every two years and has probably happened three or four times in my whole life. Yesterday was no fun and I'm not 100% convinced that I am completely cured today! I apparently made some nice phone calls that night, too. I remember calling Kaitlyn…but I called Andrea…and I do not remember that at all. So…that shows you how much fun I had! ;o) Here are some pictures from our reunion:
Julie and Me:

Julie, Kelly and Me:

Kelly and Andy:

Our 1998 Graduating Class:


Andy and I had a pretty eventful weekend--so much is the case that we need a weekend to recoup from our weekend! It started off on Friday night with Andy's Surprise birthday party! His birthday is October 15th, so it was a super surprise having it in September! Andrea and I used the ruse of meeting her and Kevin at Hey Day in Norman for a fun game of Laser Tag. The whole gang was there waiting to surprise Andy: Andrea, Kevin, Jeff, Kaitlyn, Drew, Christina, Kyle and Rahme…and Kit came later. It was a lot of fun: Beer, Pizza, Cookie Cake, Laser Tag and Arcade games! (We even let the psuedo-birthday boy win Laser Tag! ha ha!) Then we took the party to our house for more drinking and fun games of catchphrase. Jeff and Kaitlyn had so much fun that they decided to sleep over with their son, Aidan! Fun stuff! here are some fun pictures from that night!
The Cake:

The Group Reading Game Results:

The Sweaty Birthday Boy after laster tag:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book Club: First To Die

Our book club book for the month of August was First to Die by James Patterson. We chose something light (a 'non-thinker') to conclude our summer reading. This is the first book in a 7-book series of The Women's Murder Club, which happens to be a new tv series (which I am very anxious to see!). Lindsay Boxer is the main character and she's a detective who solves crimes with her department--and on the side with her girls! Once I start a series, I have to finish it out of principle, so I went ahead and read books 1 - 6 and am waiting for 7 to come out in paperback (so that it matches the rest of the books in my set!) I swear...if reading made you thin, I would be branded an anorexic!!! Ha! Anyway...if you want a light, fun read, I recommend that you pick this book up! Here's a picture of the first book in the series for reference:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Rental Car

Mr. Pilot, as mentioned in my car accident post, decided to go ahead and file through insurance--which means that the shop gets to keep my car longer, but I get a rental car. Enterprise was out of standard sized cars, so my options were "minivan" and "truck". I took the truck and as soon as I left I handed it over to Andy and took his Accord. I am NOT driving around in a miniture truck, I don't care if it's a 2009!! It happens to be bright red, too. Lovely. Enterprise told me they would call me when a standard car became available...26 hours later, Andy is still sportin' the truck. Here's a picture of the very-embarrassing-to-Jaimie vehicle!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Congratulations, Daniel Eduardo!!!

The news broke this morning: Daniel Eduardo Gomez is now officially an attorney! Congratulations from your In-Laws! We heart You!!!

My First Car Accident!!

It took 28 years (12 of them as a driver myself), and I had my very first car accident on Wednesday! It was rainy and there was mucho construction on the highway and those two things are a recipe for disaster during rush hour. My car was at a full stop and BAM! a 19-year old OU student rams the back of my car. (Another reason to hate crimson and crème if you ask me)…so, the girl gets out of her car - on the highway - and gets into mine and we exchange information. I didn't even get out to look at my damage because we were on the highway--and I'm not dumb enough to get out of my car, but I could see her car in my rear view mirror - hood pushed straight up, so I was worried. She called her dad (who she was talking to on the phone…in the rain…during rush hour…on the highway with construction…when she hit me)…and he didn't want to get the police involved - just make it quick and simple. I wasn't worried, the girl was driving an Acura. She calls me later in the evening and tells me her dad doesn't want to go through insurance, but rather pay out of pocket and that I could choose any body shop I wanted. Fine...
So…the next morning, I take an hour off of work to get an estimate and I scan and email it to her. I have to get the entire bumper replaced, which is over $800, and if the retainer bar is broken as well, that needs to be replaced, which is $200 on top of that. Her dad didn't like that estimate, so he asked for two more. I was irate at the inconvenience of taking time off of work in the first place, so now he's asking me to do it twice more. I went straight to my attorney. She said if I don't have a check in hand that day, then to just go through his insurance. Insurance only requires one estimate and the body shop takes care of EVERYTHING. So, the nice person I am, I went ahead and got another estimate at lunch and it was slightly less than the first (not to mention 15 miles away from where I work!), so the 'dad' agreed to that one. Next the complication of the Body shop comes in. They said that they can only accept cashier's check or money order…and if they pay by credit card, the guy needs to come in himself to sign it. He lives in Heavner, Oklahoma…where the hell is that place anyway?? Then he won't return her calls--his voicemail says "I'm either flying or asleep"…so he's a pilot?? I don't feel sorry for this guy…and I didn't ask for a rental car either, he should just pay up! Before I left work yesterday, I sent him a long, angry email. No more Mrs. Nice-Woman! He called the body shop less than an hour after that email and everything is all set. I’m out of a car for two days…but it's worth it, I'm getting it put back together. Here is a picture of the damage (minor for all of the trouble and stress these people have put me through!!!):

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Book Review: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

My most recent literary accomplishment (reading, not writing) was a book that I did not want to end--a book I found hard to put down. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See brings the reader to late 19th Century China, in a time and culture that is so far away from today's America. The book revolves around the relationship of two women who grow up together and are each other's support system through thick and thin until something goes horribly wrong. If you liked books such as Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden or The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan, you will adore this book as much as I. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and, as always, a picture is below so you know what book to pick up during your next bookstore field trip!