Friday, February 6, 2009

The R's Have It!

One of the blogs that I frequent (thank you, Reese!), Clever Girl Goes Blog, had a post of an interesting little game earlier this week called the 'ABC Game'. Clever Girl was assigned a letter from one of her blogger pals and she made a list of 10 of her favorite things that begin with that letter! This game looked like something I would thoroughly enjoy, so I had my sister choose a random letter from A-Z and I was officially assigned the letter "R".

So here goes it:

1. Ryan Phillippe: I would like to officially dub Ryan Phillippe the 'Most Beautiful White Man in the World.' He may not be the best actor out there and he may have been outshined by his amazingly talented ex-wife, but his looks alone draw me to movies and magazine articles surrounding him. (I do admit that I hated Stop Loss, though--but I did watch it!)

2. Reese's Pieces: We can't have a Ryan without a Reese, even if it is one of peanut buttery goodness! This is my favorite movie snack EVER and I get disappointed when a theater doesn't offer it. E.T. totally knew what he was doing when he followed that trail of Reese's Pieces--you could trap me in a box the same way!

3. Reading: I love the escape that reading provides, whether it is to a small village in Africa (The Poisonwood Bible) or a trendy apartment in London (Confessions of a Shopoholic). Reading is also the only way I travel abroad--at least until I can afford that boat ticket to the United Kingdom!!!

4. Rasmalai: This rich, Indian dessert has been my favorite dessert (of all time) since I first tried it at the age of 12. Rasmalai is a sugary, milky dessert made of cheese, soaked in cream and it is *delish*!

5. Romy and Michelle's Highschool Reunion: This movie came out when I was in highschool and it was my favorite movie! My friend Julie and I would watch it all the time and in our relationship, I was Romy and she was Michelle. Julie was a fantastic artist and she drew a picture of "us" (Romy and Michelle) that I had up on my wall until I moved out of my parents house. Good Times!

6. Roaring Twenties: In my mind, I associate the 1920's with a peaceful, fun time in America and I always get a feeling of nostalgia anytime I see a picture from that era or try to imagine what life was like back then. I love the whole flapper scene, the mobsters, the silent films…I just feel like I would have enjoyed this decade.

7. Ricardo's: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo--America's original sweethearts. I love Lucy, the quirky red-head who fills the room with laughter when she graces the television screen. Ricky, her Cuban husband, would get frustrated with Lucy's schemes, but his love for her shined through in the end…and always. Even in real life, he admitted that he never stopped loving Lucy, despite his infidelities and his love for alcohol.

8. Riddles: I love to challenge my brain with riddles and it is such a great feeling to come up with the answer, whether it takes hours, days…or even months! Okay, I have never gone months, I couldn't handle not knowing the answer for that long so I would probably resort to researching the answer (even if it is technically cheating!).

9. Redbull and Vodka: My new favorite shot! Sure, it keeps me up all night and screws up my sleeping schedule for a couple of days, but it gets to the point fast (the tipsy point!) and it tastes oh so yummy (it doesn't burn my throat like some shots do!) So, let's raise our glasses to Redbull and Vodka!

10. Riley: My first nephew gets special props up here and will always hold a place in my heart! He is the brightest, silliest and most handsome little boy there is and I just love him so much!!! So I have essentially saved the best 'R' for last!!!

If you are up to the challenge of your own 'ABC Game', let me know and I will happily assign you a letter to get your list started!!!


Reese said...

give me - give me a letter please!!

Red Bull and Vodka really little miss i don't drink!! at least thats the way it was back in the Stilly days :)


im so glad we are friends after all these years!

NduguNStephie said...

I love the pictures =)Totally got my attention! Pictures Rock!

ARRRRGH says the pirate!

Andrea said...

Riley is my favorite 'R' too. Actually, he's pretty much my favorite anything.

Here's a riddle... If you happened to break your exclamation point key on your computer, how in the world would you be able to blog? Kidding! I've noticed you have a love for the happy signs. ;-)

NduguNStephie said...

OO i think that Andrea burned you! HAHAHAH!