Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dangle's Day!

Happy Birthday/Housewarming to Daniel and Stephanie Gomez!!! Daniel (who has been called 'Omes' and 'Dangle' by little Jadyn) has been so busy with school, studying, the BAR exam, and now, working as an attorney, that is was good to see him unwind for the beginning of his 26th year! Also, everyone got to take a tour of their house, which is UBER-cute!! Lots of exciting times ahead of you guys!!!

Daniel and Stephanie:

Daniel's cake, made by my awesome mother-in-law, Anna. (AKBakes):

Yes, I'm proud of that damn good looking cake…and it was delish!!!

Skool Dayz

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 was a sad day for most Putnam City School students--it was their first day back in the classroom! Jadyn started 2nd grade and absolutely loves her new teacher! Although she definitely wishes she could sleep in everyday, she seems to be having loads of fun! Below are pictures of her on her first week back:



…Jadyn is growing up so fast!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...

I took a picture of Riley the other night (two weeks ago, on Susan's birthday) on Andy's shoulders:

...and it reminded me of a picture taken in 2005 of Jadyn:

Some things never change!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slacker James, Genius Daughter

Okay, I've become a slacker with my posts! I have yet to blog about a special-someone's birthday and first days of school, but my excuse is that I have pictures to accompany posts that have to be uploaded! (So--you can expect exciting posts in the future!) I've got some happy-snappy news, though, that I want to share, which doesn't require pictures!

At the end of first grade, Jadyn's class took a test to see if they qualified for the 'gifted student' program (or PEAK) at her school. Her teacher told Andy and me at the last conference that hardly any first graders qualify and they usually get in with second grade testing. We heard nothing about the test all summer, so we assumed Jadyn didn't get in. (You see where this is going, yes?) Last night we got a letter in the mail: JADYN MADE IT! SHE IS IN THE GIFTED STUDENT PROGRAM!!! We are SO proud of our little girl...so damn proud of her.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Bang Baby is a Crash, Crash, Crash!!!

I had the BEST. TIME. EVER. on Saturday night (August 2nd). Andy, Andrea, Kevin and I went to see Stone Temple Pilots ("STP"). I was in a state of euphoria all night long--and it had nothing to do with alcohol! I was high on STP...it was so exciting. I screamed lyrics from the top of my lungs...I danced like a white girl. It. was. awesome. I'm just so sad that it's over! Below are some fun pics from that night:
Andy and me:

Scott Weiland singing one of his awesome songs:

A picture of the entire band embracing a derranged fan from Arkansas (rather than kicking said fan off the stage when security came to remove him!)

Freaky Sight!!!

Yesterday after work, I got on the highway (I-40) and headed home during the worst kind of traffic: RUSH HOUR!!! I was halfway down the highway when I looked to the right and on the side of the road was a snake. This was no ordinary snake--it was a Cobra and his head - all flared out like cobras do - was sticking straight up in the air--about three feet high. He was huge...and it was a totally freaky, abnormal experience for a highway in the middle of Oklahoma City. It was a freaking Cobra snake...there was a Cobra on the side of the freaking highway! Is this not weird to anyone else...?!?!