Monday, February 23, 2009

Five Years at P|M

Five years ago today, also a Monday, I walked through the doors of P|M to start my very first day of work. It's amazing that I've lasted so long in one place, considering the fact that I was just 'passing through' on my way to law school--a dream that turned into a nightmare once I was in the thick of things and witnessed the excruciating hours and stress an attorney endures daily. [Let's not forget to mention the insane student loans!]

My P|M journey has been a long one: enjoyable, emotional and, at times, exasperating. In fact, I've put my notice in twice and been denied, which is a wonderful feeling [especially when the denial includes monatery gain]. I have been promoted multiple times [sadly almost hitting my glass ceiling] and have been very fortunate to work with bosses who appreciate everything I handle for them.

Our building location has changed, our firm name has changed, my direct management has changed and only one person that I befriended on my first day is still working with me, others having moved on to different things [not necessarily bigger and better].
Only God knows what the future holds, but my P|M journey has been a good one…so far!

Here is a picture that was taken in our 'old' building, circa 2004:


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

NduguNStephie said...

Awe! You were 24 in that pic! Time flies!!!