Friday, May 28, 2010

T-minus-5 Days and Counting...

I like to blame the Gemini in me for my capricious personality. It basically gives me a valid excuse for getting bored of things easily--and makes me feel better about not completing my Bucket List...oh I came so close. In five days, I will have crossed that threshold to 30 and I'm quite excited about it. ( I'm mostly excited about the party!) I don't know where the time went, but it's here and I'm lovin' every bit of it.

The Lopezes have been so busy these past months--so much of which I would ordinarily post on here, but haven't...I'd like to blame the Gemini for that fail as well. We had a fantastic ski trip with our friends in March and we had an entire kickball season where we had our best season yet! My stepson ran a track meet this month and graduated into middle school! My daughter got numerous awards at her assembly and was promoted to the fourth grade.

The biggest 'away' thing has been the fact that we spent 3.5 months renovating our house...Andy did it all on his own...and I have before and after pictures that I can't wait to post!

The most exciting time I spent away from blogland was the weekend of April 17th. I fulfilled three Bucket List items that weekend and had one of the most glorious times ever with my BFF. I went to Dallas to have my girls weekend (check!) and we went to an AMAZING drag show (check!) at the Rose Room. I am now obsessed with drag queens--I LOVE THEM! The next night, I had a whole lotta shots and got my ass up on stage and sang karaoke (check!) with the girls! I can't put into words how fun this weekend was (although I tried!) and how much it meant to me. My BFF is amazing. She has been such a big part of my life...for almost 20 years...and I love her til death do us part.

Below are a few fun pictures of our weekend...and below that are the *FINAL* results of My 30 before 30 bucket list...

Here is a pic of my BFF:

Here is a pic of my favorite Dallas drag queen:

This drag queen had a killer bod:

This drag queen danced to really fun 70's music and it made me like him/her a lot!:

and *PROOF* that I really did get up and sing some karaoke. Four Non-Blondes "What's Up":

And Now...the results of my *BUCKET LIST*:
Read [at least] 30 books in 12 months Made 20/30
Read War and Peace
Create a Self Portrait I tried this...too embarrassing to even publish here
Run a 10K FAIL
Have an impromptu food fight FAIL
Explore Wines [and hopefully find a fav!]
Karaoke [Not just attend, perform]
Spend a Saturday volunteering FAIL
Create a Signature Dish FAIL
Extreme Ironing [any ironing for me is extreme]
Write one letter per month to Jadyn throughout my 30th year.
Have a *girls only* weekend
Make it through 30 days of boot camp [starting June 15! Yikes!]
Watch every episode of The O.C. from start to finish [since sis keeps buggin' about it]
Do a Chinese Fire Drill!
Toilet Paper a house - Mr. Shane was the victim
Run ten 5K's this year [round down to 30 miles! Magic Number: 30!] Made it to 7/10
Lose 25 pounds [I CAN do this] FAIL
Keep a plant alive for a year FAIL
Kill a spider by myself
Find a better alternative to curse words [I'm going to start using terms that I read in G.I. and MLS's blogs to replace my cursing! Bugger!] I am cursing less--but my mind has gotten dirtier. Go figure.
Go to a Drag Show
Family Trip - Just the four of us!
Make New Friends love love love this one!
Read Little Women Currently at page 300/472--so so close
Go Camping - with an actual tent and actual bugs!
Bowl an entire game granny style
Prepare a meal - by myself - and surprise Hubs with it - Jan. 12 turkeyloaf
Every Friday for a month - do not say one thing negative [December]
Play in the mud [Oklahoma Red Dirt] on a rainy day. [Yuck]