Thursday, December 24, 2009

Book Review: Blink

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell.

In the beginning, Blink was a difficult book for me to enjoy because it felt as if I was reading a psychology text book; however, once I got to about midway, the book read fairly easy and became more interesting.

Blink is about first impressions. It is about how the unconcious mind works within the first few seconds a person comes in contact with something using their senses...sight, sound, smell. Gladwell's examples that support the theories he presents are fantastic. [I even performed the new Pepsi challenge on all of my friends! Unlike Gladwells acquaintances, all of my friends seemed to guess correctly, but I'm pretty sure that they are cheaters. Ha!]

This book falls under the non-fiction category, which is not a genre that I usually prefer [and it was nothing like Outliers, which still hails as my number one pick for this year], but I would recommend it to someone who likes this kind of read.

I am now one-third of the way through my Bucket List goal of 30 books before my 30th birthday [or 30 books in a year]. I have been so busy--and reading hasn't been a top priority for me lately--that I am worried I won't hit this mark...and that fact is quite sad to me...but I will only have to try harder, eh? Yeah...


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Okay, so I have to talk about my new most favorite toy, EverCare:

Pull your mind out of the gutter, it's not a vibrator! In fact, right behind that metal opening are three little razors--so that would be painful.

It's a $5.99 fuzzball shaver! [once again, take the mind out of the gutter]. I'm talking about the pilling on sweaters. This tiny, handheld contraption will remove all of those pesky fuzzies that are formed from wear and, *Voila!* The sweater looks brand new! It is fantastic.

I realize that this is not a new invention, but it is a new-to-me product and I'm undeniably smitten. I found it the other night at the store when I was shopping for Andy's Christmas gift--an iron. Yes people--I said in that little heated object that presses shirts. It's what he wanted...ha ha ha!

Happy Merry Holiday's, Y'all!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Book Club: Then We Came to the End

So...I've been a bad blogger. Two months since my last post [but in my defense, October is the busiest month of the year in my life...and November I was just super lazy]. Here is a post I've had in my queue for awhile...I'm not changing any of deal with it! Ha ha!

The reason I am posting all of my books, etc. on here is because I need to keep track for my 30 Bucket List [which I'm not doing so well on!] Bear with me! ...and Family? I will have our happenings up soon...I hope!

September 2009 has wrapped up and with it, another book club accomplishment. Our read was Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris. This novel takes place in an office environment filled with employees of various personalities. You have the crazy guy, the unstable girl, the bitch, the prankster, the serious guy, the gossip, the know-it-all, the misunderstood. Every character has his or her own story within a Marketing Company that is on a downhill slide, each patiently awaits 'walking Spanish down the hall' [getting fired]. Much of this book was laugh-out-loud funny and most of it I could relate to as an employee who does the weekday 8-5 grind. I found myself picturing numerous people at my firm in place of the quirky characters in the book. It was a fun, fast read and comes highly recommended by me! Woot!