Monday, November 26, 2012

Bedlam 2012 - Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

This year's Bedlam game made my blood pressure sky rocket.  The entire game was either tied or Oklahoma State was on top--until the very end when it counted.   The game went into overtime--the first for Bedlam--and although Oklahoma State got a field goal in the end, Oklahoma pulled it off with an actual touchdown.  The only time Oklahoma was in the lead, the only time it really mattered.  What a crushing blow--wind out of sails.

As you can see from the picture above, my girls are all Sooners and I'm the only Poke.  I am very happy for them--but I would have been way happier if Oklahoma State won the game.  I must have gone into some sort of Okstate depression because I proceeded to get way too drunk for my own good and ended up having a horrible night--thank God I had a doctor to take care of me!  I actually don't remember taking the above picture--clearly, my tongue is sticking out.  Very sexy.

Here is what I originally looked like...I am very proud of my face decal:

I am a true and loyal Oklahoma State Poke to the end.  I love them cowboys!!!

Turkey Day 2012

Before the table was set with a massive amount of calories, a few friends and I dragged our happy asses out of bed to run the Oklahoma City Turkey Tracks 5K.  Despite the wind conditions and the incredible amount of hills, it was a great race and allowed a guilt free face stuffing later on in the day.  Pictured above are Monica, me, Julie, Eric and Stephanie...all of us medal whores!!!

Here is a close up of my medal and me.  I must brag and say that my time was under 30  minutes.  #Happiness.

Princess Chanel

Earlier this year, I met an amazing person.  Her name is Chanel.  She is funny, beautiful, outgoing and caring...and I would consider her to be one of my closest friends.  My partner-in-crime, if you will...and definitely one of my favorite people.

Chanel just had a birthday--turning the ripe 'old' age of 27.  SHE thinks it's old...but I am willing her to have the best year of her life.  It's going to happen and I'm going to be along for the ride!

We celebrated her birthday on three different nights.  The first was a night of her and me at Saints, a pub in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City.  Drinking and shenanigans ensued and let's just say...Chanel had a really great time. 

Our photo-op:

The next night--after her full day of recovery--was dinner at Iron Starr (um, YUM) and then out to McNellie's, a pub in Midtown.

Here is a pic of Chanel, me and her cookie cake at Iron Starr:

And a picture of our group--one of the best groups I've ever been a part of--at McNellie's:

Finally, on her actual birthday, we went out for wine and dessert at a place called Vin Dolce in Edmond.  It was a quiet night with four girls--my favorites ever! :)

Happy Birthday, Chanel.  xx

Pack Pint Running

Every Thursday evening, a locally owned business holds a small running event called the Pack Pint Run.  It is a 5K course that runs through a posh neighborhood called Nichols Hills and allows runners to set their own pace while outdoor training.  With the daylight hours becoming shorter and shorter, much of my fall/winter running is on a treadmill, so I enjoy this outdoor fun run very much.  Plus, each run ends with a pint of beer which isn't so bad...if you like beer. 

A couple of weeks ago was the first official 'night' run.  I run with my little running light; however, some people were ill prepared and glow sticks were handed out.  Here is a picture taken by the Red Coyote of the group for that night.  I really like it (and I'm in the front, crouched down with my bright light on my hand!!)