Friday, March 6, 2009

Book Review: Wilt

After finishing the final book in Tom Sharpe's series [as I wasn't aware it was a series when I read it], I have finally tackled the first one. Wilt was even funnier than the other Tom Sharpe novel I read. I love British comedy! While indulging in British literature, I tend to use terms in everyday life such as 'mad', 'daft' and 'penis gobbler'. Tom Sharpe uses sex as comedy in the most unbelievable, hilarious ways and the reader is laughing all the way through.

Wilt is a very stubborn, logical fellow who hates his lazy, unintelligent wife, Eva. In this book, he is accused of murdering his wife and although he didn't, Eva has disappeared. The reader has all of the information regarding the circumstances, but the characters do not and it is quite humorous to watch it all wrap up in the end. Highly recommend this book for a light, funny read; however, if you are sensitive in terms of sexual connotations, I wouldn't advise partaking in this comedic masterpiece. Yes, masterpiece. Ha!

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