Monday, March 23, 2009

Jadyn Justified - Prez Facts

Jadyn spent last night giving Andy and me a few presidential facts [as she remembered them] from a book that her teacher read in class called Why is the White House White?:

  • President Taffy was so fat that he got stuck in the bathtub, so they built a special one for him [President Taft];

  • Teddy Bear Roosevelt is who the stuffed bear is named for [Theodore Roosevelt];

  • One of our presidents liked to wake up two hours early every morning to go skinny dipping [James Madison];

  • Abraham Lincoln was killed in a movie theater [side note: when Jadyn was four, she called President Lincoln "Hammerham Lincoln"];

  • When there was a battle being fought near the white house, the president's wife rescued a painting of George Washington [Dolly Madison, wife of James]; and

  • John Adams hung all of their dirty underwear up in the 'big room' of the white house [doing laundry, I assume.]

  • Seeing the world through the eyes of an eight year old is remarkable. I love all of the tid-bits and "facts" she shares with us. Jadyn is pretty damn amazing and she is growing up WAY too quickly.


    NduguNStephie said...

    Jadyn is too cute! I love that she loves learning!!!

    Andrea said...

    She knows way more about presidents than I do!