Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ace of Cakes

Cake is my ultimate weakness, so naturally, I would love a show about cake. I watch Ace of Cakes every week and the work that they do is amazing. I love watching them put the cakes together, the little stories behind each cake, and I love watching the amazingly talented Anna, Kathryn and Ben do their stuff. Duff [owner of Charm City Cakes] is the star of the show, but you never really see him working on too many cakes, so this is the reason he isn't listed on my 'amazingly talented' list. The artists make beautiful cakes look so simple and inspire me [for 30 minutes at least] to become an award winning pastry chef!

On that note, I do have a bit of criticism. The cakes are more like art than they are edible creations. They cover wood and other inedible material in fondant as well as cakes--and from experience, fondant and gum paste are not all. It is hard for me to figure out which part of their final product is the cake and which is art made to look like the yummy pastry.

I never see any of the employees washing their hands or any sanatizing bins anywhere on the show and this bothers me greatly. They touch the crap out of these cakes...they touch materials that don't look clean to these cakes and when they do piping, the artist's faces are about an inch from the cake, no mask on, leaving them to breathe all over the cake. Yuck!

I began thinking about this when I saw the office manager [red head, is her name Mary Beth, I can't recall...] delivering a cake. She drives to her destination, brings the cake inside and starts assembling it--by pulling it out of the box with her bare hands.

I am very fortunate to have a family member that makes AMAZINGLY wonderful cakes. A family member that I know is clean and takes great pride in her work. So, if I ever need a piece of art to wow the pants off of a crowd [not to mention if I'm ever in Maryland and have oodles of extra cash on hand], then Charm City Cakes it is...but you will not catch me eating one of those creations!!!
Here are a few pics of the spectacular and fun work that you will see on Ace of Cakes:

Click Here and view the photos on the website to see some of the other amazing cakes that Charm City Cakes has made.


Libërty said...

Well hiiii...thanks for following. :)

NduguNStephie said...

Their cakes look good.. but I bet you they taste gross!

The Cake Mamas said...

I used to love Ace of Cakes until I started making my own cakes. I now see all of the things you are talking about...Mostly the use of non-edible items covered in fondant. I think it's cheating! I try very hard to make everything on my cakes out of rice crispy treats, gumpaste, or any other type of FOOD that is actually edible. Not sure where you are, but you can send referrals to my website if they are in Southern California. thanks! Janelle