Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday, Boo!!!

Happy 27th Birthday to the person who has been by my side, causing mischief since I was two years old!!! I hope that you have the most fantabulous day ever, Steph--27 will be a good year, I can FEEL it!!!
[Everytime you get older, I get older...sigh...]

Here is a picture of Sleeping Beauty. Add a few wrinkles, white hair and saggy skin--and that is what she will look like in her coffin as well! Ha!



Carly Jane said...

Happy Birthday Steph!

Jaimie that is so sweet of you. Do I remeber times that Steph drove us crazy... wait so did Leigh so there sister are our best friends.

Reese said...

she does look like sleeping beauty!!

NduguNStephie said...

Happy Birthday to me!!!! The only day I get to act like a brat and people still LOVE me! hehehe! I love posts about me!

I took that picture because I wanted to know if I looked like an Angel when I slept.. and guess what.. I DO! HAHAHA!

The title on this post looks like you are saying.. BOO.. like HISS... hahaha! Maybe you should add a bear..

Guess what just came to my door... THATS RIGHT!! A Garfield Cookie Bouquet from Jaimie, Andy, Jadyn, Mom and Dad!!!!!! Must eat cookie!

Stephanie Out!

Jade said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Stephanie