Thursday, January 15, 2009

Book Review: Wilt in Nowhere

In my most recent literary endeavor, I have encountered one of the most eccentric, quirky and witty characters yet: Henry Wilt (aka "Wilt"). I met him in Wilt in Nowhere, a British comedy by Tom Sharpe. I got halfway through the book before I realized this book had at least one book before it, as it referenced something that Wilt had done that I had not read. After a bit of research, I found that there are, indeed, three books that were published before this one, the first being written four years before I was born! So, I went about trying to order the books--and they are out of print--so it was hard for me to find a website that I could purchase them, but I found one and they are expected to arrive at my door no later than January 28th! So. Excited.
Anyway…this book didn't have one particular plot--but rather a couple that merged together towards the end. The book had me in stitches and the terms these Brits use are hilarious. I learned a term that I cannot WAIT to use…just biding my time for the right moment!! Reading this book can be compared to watching a British sitcom….and I hear that this is the least funny of ALL of the Wilt series--so I will be back with an update in the near future. Count on it!!!

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