Friday, March 27, 2009

Eating on a Budget

Andy and I are really bad about going out to eat; in fact, I think we eat at home approximately once every two weeks. We do this out of convenience sake [and the fact that I can't cook]. It is really hard to go home after working an 8 hour day [lately we have been following this up with 1+ hours at the gym] and muster up the energy to stand in front of a hot stove/oven. It's a double waste for me since, as previously stated, I really and honest-to-goodness cannot prepare an edible meal.
So with this post I am asking - no, BEGGING - for some help/advice. I would LOVE it if you would comment or e-mail me regarding this post with dinner ideas that are simple and easy on the budget [and tasty. Let's not forget tasty].

Once I tackle this problem...its on to expensive lunch issues!!!


Holly said...

I'll be back with some advise amd recipies later! maybe a few days or maybe today...we will see.

NduguNStephie said...

You should signup for Campbells recipe emails.. thats how I started and built my confidence in cooking!

Roasting a chicken is UBER easy too... just a bit time consuming..

Anonymous said...

super easy:
in a rice cooker, throw in some brown rice, however much you need, 1 can of soup (cheese and brocoli is bestest!), water and a couple chicken breasts. click down cooker button and let cook.
ta da!
healthy, easy, and tastey!

Kelly said...

Huge fan of crock pot cooking...pop it in before you go to work and it's ready when you come home! Throw some Frozen chicken breasts, large can of Cream of Chicken, can of rotel, onions if you like, in their and cook on low. We usually make some instant brown rice and put the chicken and sauce on top of the rice. Super easy, cheap and pretty healthy! I will think of some more!!

BonnieAnn said...

If you can manage weekday crock pot cooking, then you're set. I can not.

Even when I'm super busy I like to declare on weekend day "cooking day" and make one (or more) large meals that will 1) provide leftovers for multiple dinners or cheap lunches and 2)hopefully freeze well, so we don't have to eat the same thing 3 times in a row. John and I have a lot of fun doing this together, I bet you could find ways to include the kids too. (measuring, finding ingredients, washing produce) Then it's double whammy family time.

You might try out one of the make-your-own-take-home places like Pass Your Plate to get you started with the whole mass cooking thing.

Bridget said...

Two words: Trader Joe's. They have a bunch of throw in the oven meals that RULE. So easy and so good. And best of all, they require practically no cooking skills. Plus, because they're from TJ's, the price is always right.

~Sar~ said...

Easy Chili that is (in my opinion) Award-Winning

Chop up one green pepper and one onion.

Put chopped green pepper and onion along with about 1 to 1 1/2 lb of ground sirloin (sirloin makes it a bit healthier)altogether into a frying pan and brown meat.

2 - 15 oz cans of regular tomato sauce into approx. 8 qt pot on stove. Mix meat and veggies into tomato sauce, place on low heat.

Put in chili powder, garlic powder (about 2 tsp), onion powder (about 1 tsp), and black pepper to taste. You will use LOTS of chili pepper (about 4 - 5 tablespoons, maybe) and kind of a lot of black pepper. I usually cover the top of the ingredients with chili powder quite a few times while cooking. I throw a tsp of fresh garlic in when I have it.

Simmer/Low for 1.75 to 2 hours. Stirring every 15-20 mins. Do not boil.

Put in Bush's Chili Magic - Chili Beans Mild (I can only find this at our Homeland 122/Rockwell and at Crest by Hefner/Rockwell) about 15 minutes before serving.

Voila! It's fab. Usually makes enough for a few nights. Heats up even better.

Let me know if you try it!

~Sar~ said...

Oooh, drain your meat/veggies... get rid of that extra fat!

Lopez said...

Thank you SO much for all of the responses--comments and emails!!! Everything sounds so good so far...and Andy can't wait to try the chili!!!

I now want to buy a rice cooker...and I'm totally going to try to make a lasagna this weekend and nibble off of it all week!
We love pot that definitely is going to be a great choice!!!

Thank you so so so much! i need to budget-ize my life! Our life!
and, Holly...I look forward to your ideas!!!

Reese said...

love your signature!! i will email you some things that we do that r super easy b/c i hate cooking too!

Andrea said...

Wow! You got lots o' feedback on this one. I might have to take some of this advice for myself... Jimmy has been heading into crock potting himself and loves it. I have one that's never been used. Perhaps, I'll dig it out and become a proper wife! Nice post. :-)