Monday, March 16, 2009

March Madness

In honor of all the March Madness flying around Oklahoma City, today we have a guest writer, Jennifer, with a post that adequately represents her love of the game:

We are happily well into the month of March. And what a month it has already been! We have seen both snow and 80 degree days here in Oklahoma City. The trees are starting to bloom. And the kids are all enjoying spring break this week. But the best part about March? It's gotta be the ball.

What other sport can you watch for 4 + solid days [oh and I have on more than one occasion] and LOVE every second of it? We are privileged to get to see 18-19-20 year-old kids who have been eating, breathing, living and dreaming about the "One Shining Moment" their entire lives play a game that they absolutely and whole-heartedly love. A game where "Cinderella" goes by the names of North Carolina State (NCAA Champs 1983), Valparaiso (Sweet Sixteen 1998), Gonzaga (Elite Eight 1999) and George Mason (Final Four 2006).

These kids play 40 minutes, sometimes longer (such as the 70 minutes UCONN and Syracuse recently played in their 6 overtime instant classic showdown), for the chance to move on and play more. You win, you move on. You lose, you go home and wonder what might have been. Nothing else is quite as "pure" as the NCAA tournament - where the best team, having proven itself throughout the tournament, is crowned the National Champion (April 6, 2009) . And there is no controversy over who "should be" number 1.

Unlike football where helmets often obscure heartbreak and joy, basketball allows you to experience a whole range of emotions along with the players. I have a difficult time rooting against anyone. Because you can see the heartbreak on each kids' face when they lose. And the winners? I get Goosebumps just thinking about the fact that they are getting that much closer to living out their - along with thousands of other kids - dreams.

So have a happy spring break, enjoy the beautiful weather, and don't forget to watch a little hoops these last few week(end)s of March. There will surely be a Cinderella amongst us - and you wouldn't want to miss seeing her would you?


Lopez said...

What a bummer it was to see OSU lose on Friday night. I was on the EDGE of my seat all the way to the end! Gotta love them Pokes!!

NduguNStephie said...

Yay for BBall! I have my bracket filled out.. and I must say that Daniel thought my picks were hilarious.... I will shot him!

Searching for my purpose... said...

What an awesome post, guest blogger, Jennifer!!! and I also LOVE COLLEGE BBALL!! Absolutely LOVE it!! I still have to fill out my bracket, and after KU losing to Baylor, I'm not sure who I'll have going all the way...