Thursday, March 19, 2009

Water Logged

It has been more than 9 weeks [68 days, but who's counting???] since my last soda/coke/pop--whatever you would like to call it. I've been sober since January 12, 2009. My [unfortunate] drink of choice has been clear and flavorless: water, although I have had a few hot chocolates during this eternity time frame.

The effects that caffeine has on the body are funny, yes? Not funny-ha-ha, but funny-what-the-eff. When I drink it every day [oh how I miss you, Coca Cola and Diet Dr. Pepper!], and then stop for a day, I get excruciating headaches--unbearable pain pulsating through my temples with limited toleration for light and noise. Not unusual, but apparently the opposite affect is true, as well. When I am off the hard stuff for awhile and then have a minimal amount [such as in a hot chocolate], I get a really bad headache. I'm pretty sure it's my body warning me not to fall into my old habits--and it is working…so far.

The red can of Coca Cola tries to seduce me everytime I open the fridge--be it at work or home. It's hard not to fall into her wicked ways…

I ceased consuming this delicious brew for the P|M Challenge [need I remind you that the winner was not moi?]. I have heard tales about how so-and-so stopped drinking soda and the pounds melted off like butter. That didn't happen for me. At all. In fact, I'm beginning to ponder the point of my quitting. Hmm…

All of this soda-talk reminds me of that childhood song:

Coca-Cola went to town,
Diet Pepsi shot him down,
Dr. Pepper fixed him up,
but now we all drink 7-Up!


NduguNStephie said...

mmm i love Diet Coke!!! MMM!

Boy how I miss it.. so I feel your pain sista! =(

Kelly said...

Okay, so I gave up Diet Coke for lent and have done so well, but occasionally have a diet dr pepper instead....and today as I drank one I is this any different!!!

Reese said...

Man I can not get off the coke - the diet coke that is - have tried but its so good!! water is so boring to me unless I add a flavor packet to it or something.

Carly Jane said...

I remeber that song. Keep up the good work.