Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Soccer Time!

Jadyn played her first two soccer games this weekend and her team, the Li'l Divas, kicked butt and took names [I know, I know--they are playing 'just for fun'...but I'm a highly competitive person]. On Saturday's game, Jadyn scored one goal and on Sunday she scored two goals, one from almost halfway down the field with her little power leg! Andy and I are so proud of her. This season, Jadyn's best friend is on her team and they made up a cute tummy-bump dance that they did on the field each time one of them scored...too cute!!! I have good feelings about Spring '09 Li'l Divas--great coach, great girls...a great team!
Here is a picture of the girls playing:

Here is a pep talk from coach Danny:

Here is Jadyn and her best friend:


Jennifer said...

Those are great pictures! Way to go Jadyn!!

NduguNStephie said...

Love their uniforms! Pink is always a great choice!

Jadyn looks like a lil' Becks on the field! hehehe! Well.. a female version..

~Sar~ said...

Who's that hot coach? Is he single?

Andrea said...

So sad we couldn't be there. Many more to come...go Divas!