Friday, March 20, 2009

Zoo Adventures

Yesterday, my sister and I took Jadyn and her BFF to the zoo for some animal fun. We thought it would be a major headache [too many people] due to the status reports from friends on Monday and Wednesday, but we were pleasantly surprised with a minimal crowd and awesome, not too hot-not too cold weather. We walked around and saw all of the animals--my favorite portion of the zoo being the Oklahoma Trails--and we took a tram around at the end to get some info on the animals that we visited.

Did I mention the bear fight? One of the brown bears had a mean right hook!

Here is a pic of Jade and her BFF on the tram:

After the zoo...and after I dropped Jadyn off with her dad where she and her brother proceeded to the art museum...I met up with my friend at The Melting Pot for some cheese and chocolate. It was so awesome--and totally didn't break the bank! However, my adventure to the casino with my sister later in the evening TOTALLY broke my bank...but sis won her arse off. I ended up losing all of my money and then $23.00 of hers...oops!!!

I am so sad that Spring Break is almost over...So very sad, indeed.


Jennifer said...

Fun pictures of the bears! I am glad you will be back next has been kind of boring without you! ;-)

NduguNStephie said...

I loooved the bear fight! It was totally awesome!!!

I looove the casino too! I am so happy at the end we bet it all on black hahaha!

Andrea said...

Looks like fun--even though I can hardly see the bears! I can't wait to take Riley this spring. He will love it!