Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mumford and Sons (Babel 2012)

Allow me to preface this post by informing you that I am not 'into' music.  I like music, but don't go out of my way to find new bands and I pretty much only listen to it when I'm in my car or working out.  Music is not my life...but it is enjoyable and I have such eclectic tastes that I will listen to almost anything (with the exception of the country genre...)

With that said...I must profess my love for Mumford and Sons.  Right here.  Right now.

Although they have been around since (roughly) 2010, I discovered Mumford and Sons in June of this year.  It was an instant love connection.  I listened to their album, Sign No More, on repeat.  For months.  Through yesterday.  I am in love with them.  They were on Saturday Night Live this past weekend and hell if I didn't record it and watch their two segments over and over...and over...and over.

I even watched their live show on iTunes yesterday.  It has become an obsession.  I have been counting down to their new album, Babel, (which debuted today) for months.  So you will be damned if you don't think I didn't set my alarm for midnight to download their new stuff.  I have been listening to them all day long--I really can't seem to get enough.

Here is an upclose shot of these English boys:

And here is Marcus Mumford.  I have never had a voice envelop my whole being as his does.  My entire body is affected by his voice, their music.  It's something magical.  Powerful.

So...as I stated.  I am not 'into' music.  I AM, however, into Mumford and Sons.  I love them.  I look forward to the day where I can be in the same venue as them.  That will be an incredible day.

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