Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update: Oklahoma State and Kevin Durant

My Friday and Saturday were so jam packed full of activity that my entire day of relaxation on Sunday was not taken for granted.

Friday night I went out to celebrate a friend finishing his final medical boards tests.  We went to a new club in Bricktown and were in the VIP area.  Big deal, right?  Well...turns out Kevin Durant was celebrating his birthday party in the VIP area of the same club...with the entire Oklahoma City Thunder team.  It was certainly a rush and very exciting stuff.  I got a few pictures (as seen below)...but we were prohibited from using our flashes, so they are very dark.  They are there, nonetheless...and it was pretty fantastic.  I have to admit, though...that I didn't get that excited when Wesbrook brushed passed me to get to his section or when I saw Durant; HOWEVER, when James Harden showed up with his beard...I pretty  much lost it and turned into a teenage girl.

The birthday boy, Kevin Durant:

  Russell Westbrook (kind of a douche):

Serge Ibaka:

and...THE MAN...THE LEGEND...James Freaking Harden: is a picture of our other party guests...shots shots shots:

After a glorious Friday night...Saturday I woke up frantically trying to get ready to do some tailgating in Stillwater, Oklahoma with my favorite people.  Although my pokies lost to Texas, the game was superb to the end.

Here is my sister and me with my BEAUTIFUL niece who I love so freaking much:

And me and my girls...who I also love so freaking much:

And that concludes the weekend for this Lopez.  Tune in next I already have a full schedule and am exhausted just thinking about it...!

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