Monday, September 24, 2012

Fair Day 2012

Yesterday was the last day of the 'great State fair of...OK-lahoma' the fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.  What an event--I love the little teenage couples there that drove in from their trailer parks, they are adorable.  Always dressing quite classy as well.  It's fantastic.

I go for the food.  Fried this. Fried that.  You can fry anything, how amazing is that?  I had fried cheese on a stick, fried macaroni and cheese and fried cookie dough.  I'm sure my heart appreciated that very much.  They even had fried kool-aid this year...and so much bacon.  Everywhere, there's bacon.  Bacon Brownies, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls...chocolate covered bacon.  So many clever ways to eat that shit.  Whod-a-thunk?

Here is a picture of Chanel and I eating our fried cookie dough.  I know, you probably thought it was a corn dog...or cheese on a stick.  They all look extremely similar.  I promise you, there was warm, gooey cookie dough in the middle--enough to make you sick after two bites.  Most of that was thrown away.

We also went to the fair and learned some stuff.  This little cartoon guy's message was pretty intense:

Apparently when I take a picture at the fair, if I stick my thumb in the air, it makes for a good shot.  Appreciate it.  I do.

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Eric said...

Oklahoma fair has a trailer park couple parade? Are any other elements of the Redneck Olympics incorporated to add to the event?