Tuesday, March 6, 2012

OKC Thunder v. Dallas Mavericks

As a reward for being the best employee in the universe, my bosses took me to the Oklahoma City Thunder game last night.

Okay, so maybe I may have hinted early in the season my deep love for Jason "the Jet" Terry (Mavericks player) and maybe one of my bosses has four season tickets and thought it would be fun to do something outside of work as a group.

And maybe--just maybe--the game was awesome, the seats were fantastic and I had an excellent time. (That last part isn't a maybe...it's a fact).

Although I cheered for the Thunder the entire game, I couldn't help but get excited every time Terry sank one into the goal. Oh what I would have given to see him do his trademark move on our court, but I think he only does that when they WIN. The game was extremely exciting all the way to the end--the stands were almost completely full when the final buzzer sounded.

I wore my white NBA headband last night as an homage to Terry--even though he wore his dark blue 'away' band. I still felt connected :)

Here is a website I found with Mr. Man doing his thing. Obviously it's a sickness and he can't stop posing like a plane...but he's just adorbs, isn't he??

Jason Terry

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