Friday, March 2, 2012

The Asian Lesbian

Last night, I got massaged by an Asian Lesbian.

I use the politically correct term of 'Asian' because something about her face told me she might be from that part of the world...and she had a funny accent. I'd like to try and guess her ethnicity(that's always fun), but it seemed a bit racist. All I know is that she is not from Korea because her accent is nothing like my best friend, Lacy's.

I use the term 'Lesbian' due to the events that ensued...

My friend and I decided to try out a new place we had heard of that did "incredible" chair massages for $30/hour. This place had come recommended by numerous people so I was very excited to try it out.

Everything started off normal. I was seated in an enormous recliner that leaned back horizontally. I began on my back where the lady started kneading my head and shoulders (which was amazing) and I started to relax. Then she grabs my arms and holds them out, while massaging them. I noticed that she kept rubbing my knuckles up against her breasts over and over, but that didn't bother me at all. I have monkey arms, so it would be normal that my knuckles might rub up against some of her.

Moving ahead about ten minutes, she starts massaging my legs. That is great, especially when you are a runner and you don't realize how tight your muscles are. Next thing I know, she spreads my legs open and climbs up in between them--on the chair--with me.

That, in itself, was odd.

She starts massaging my ribcage (fantastic)...but when she got to my boobs, she rubbed them for a good ten seconds. Now, I have had many, many massages. My breasts are never touched. At this point, I was afraid to open my eyes for fear that her face was really close to mine and she expected me to kiss her or something. flags are going up everywhere in my head--but getting the back massaged is the best part and we hadn't gotten to that yet. So, on we go.

Fast forward about 20 more minutes and I'm face down on the chair, my face pressed into the massage chair hole.

The back massage was incredible. I love it--I have decided I need a live in masseuse to be at my beck and call.

What happened next was not okay.

After kneading the backs of my legs, the lady climbs up on top of me. She starts rubbing my ass. Who doesn't love that giant rump of muscles squeezed and rubbed? It was pretty fantastic...until she spread my ass cheeks open, stuck her hand in between and rubbed on my asshole for about five seconds. I actually lay there, eyes wide open staring at the floor wondering what the flip was going on.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I had clothes on--so all rubbing and touching was done through material.

Finally, the massage ends. I pay up front and add a 25% tip, just to let her know there are no hard feelings about my molestation.

I walked out feeling violated.

It was a good time.

On a lighter is a picture of the movie they had playing in the joint. I couldn't understand what they were saying, so I'm really glad it was sub-titled. That was helpful.

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NduguNStephie said...

Wow... sounds like that's place might give "happy endings" so funny!