Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Chances are that I am currently suffering from ‘blogging fever’. I just can’t seem to get enough. No--I’m not reading your blog, but the narcissist in me is wanting to spout out all the thoughts in my head—which are generally inconsequential—and force feed your eyeballs into taking it all in.

I saw this on facebook yesterday:

It made me laugh. I can here Gene saying that in his little-fairy Willy Wonka voice and it cracks me the eff up.

I have—and love—my super expensive Northface running jacket [which is too nice to actually run in, so I bought another jacket to do that] and I go on so many adventures with it. I go to the bank. To the grocery store. To work. Everywhere! And my windbreaker? Very handy in the torrential Oklahoma winds for sure…

What gets me, though, are the people who would post this to their facebook and don’t own a Northface jacket. Those people are called ‘haters’ and probably can’t afford to put one on their back. OR that really stuck up guy who is ‘too cool’ to wear something so mainstream. [but that guy would also be too cool to post this to facebook...or even be on facebook]

Suit yourself—I happily sport all of my Northface jackets. You never know when you’re going to end up on top of a wintery mountain or need to go hiking for berries...or make an impromptu visit to Smurf village…so I will definitely be prepared.

This post is a perfect example of ‘blogging fever’. I mean…who the hell rants about a Northface jacket?

Me…I do.


Eric said...

Heh, I don't currently have a Nothface jacket, but if I did, I would have bought it at REI without the co-op discount. :)
My adventure to non-adventure time ratio has been low lately, maybe a change of jacket will do that for me?

Lopez said...

Yes! A change of jacket will take you on the greatest adventure yet!

Willy Wonka says!

NduguNStephie said...

I'm a hater. I just love seeing teens in the same exact jacket but in different colors daily.

Lopez said...

Um...Steph...u can't be a hater. You HAVE a jacket. I've seen it. I've touched it. I've worn it.

reese said...

I'm a hater and Brad is the guy who doesn't do mainstream and doesn't have a Fb! I do have a Columbia jacket that looks just as cool as your northface for only 20.00 at the outlet in Dallas...I'm too thrifty for Northface:)