Monday, January 28, 2013

'Let it Go'

Oh man...what kind of dark hole did I fall into last week?  I'm glad it was shallow enough for me to crawl out of quickly and work my way towards recovery!

Normally, I would delete something crazy like that...but its existence will act as a reminder to me that not everything is hearts and rainbows...and no matter how low I get or how bad I feel...everything will get better over time.

The thing is...for quite sometime I have been smitten with a person who I revered as perfection...and his constant rejection and the negative comments he spits at me have worn me down...Worn me down to that last post. 

If ever there was an untrue would be the one I wrote about "Loser".  One of the comments posted on there really made me see that.

I have overcome so much.  I really have.  Anybody who fails to recognize this is neither worth my time nor my energy.

Getting through every minute with a broken heart and a sick stomach is so hard...but not as hard as the last minute.

My friends.  I love them.  They are amazing, they are always there for me...they know exactly what to say...and without them...who knows where I would be!

and where I in a really good place! :)


Eric said...

I haven't been keeping up with your backstory lately, but I've always seen that you are 'the awesome'. At least like 92% or so. Chin up there.

Manisha Singh said...

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Mr. Condescending said...

Hey where have you been!