Friday, April 17, 2009

Bonnie's Kitchen - Lasagna

Yay! Another post on the Lopez Family Eating on a Budget!!! Today's segment has to do with an idea from Bonnie's Kitchen--make a large meal [or numerous meals] on Sunday and eat it throughout the week. We chose Andy's super yummy lasagna, which not only tasted fantastic, but was also dinero-saving!

Ground Sirloin ($4.18)
Onion ($0.89)
Crushed Tomatoes ($1.00)
Tomato Paste ($0.58)
Lasagna Noodles ($1.48)
Ricotta Cheese ($1.62)
1 egg ($.10)
1 bag Mozzerella ($1.78)
Mushrooms ($0.62) x 2 cans

Total Cost: $12.87

We were able to make eleven meals out of this which amounts to $1.17/meal. Since each meal was pretty hearty, there was no need for a side. I can hardly wait to try the next recipe/idea!!! Thank you, Bonnie!!!

As a side note, in the two weeks [measured from paycheck to paycheck] that we have been eating on a budget and not going out/picking up lunches and dinners, we have saved roughly $200.00! Holy Wow!!!


Holly said...

That is awesome that you know you have saved that much!! Jaden might get to go to college now! Ha!

A couple of months ago when we were really busy and I was having to make meals for us and Jason's mom, I used to cook on Sunday afternoons and make about four meals.

I would cook them in foil containers so that I could freeze them and they wouldn't go to waste. I would also reuse the foil pans for as long as I could. (tip: they sell foil pans at the Dollar Tree - cheap!)

I need to get back to doing that b/c it was really easy for work days.

NduguNStephie said...

I am just so happy that you have been cooking and no one has gotten sick! MUHAHAHHA!

Kelly said...

Very Nice!! Way to stick to the eating on a budget thing...each time I try...I get bored with cooking and sucked in to eating out bueno!

BonnieAnn said...

Holy Cow, I made the Lopez Blog. I kind of feel like a celebrity.