Thursday, April 2, 2009

Queen of Commodes

Every parent has at least one story revolving around the commode. Here is one of ours.

When Jadyn was two and a half [May 2003], she would spend the evenings quietly entertaining herself in the playroom by watching a movie or playing with one of her thousands of toys. On this particular night, Andy and I watched Jadyn go in and out of the playroom, and we assumed she was going to her bedroom. The only room between her playroom and her bedroom is the bathroom, but we kept the door shut so she couldn't play in there. [We all see where this is going...]

As I went back to go check on Jadyn, I found her just in time to see her drop a large block into the toilet and flush...and then heard her say "uh-oh", when instead of going down, the water started to rise.

Turns out, Jadyn had been going in and out of her playroom to get blocks and flushing them down. Andy decided to take the toilet off the floor to fix it...and this is what he found:

The first picture is the pipe in the ground, filled with blocks and the second picture is the actual toilet...and yes, that is a little Kelly doll sticking out of the bottom of it!!!

Jadyn's situation also allowed us to realize how nasty the people who lived in our house before us were [we had only been living there four months at the time], and due to this episode, we went out and got a new toilet and floor!


Kelly said...

So glad Logan had only figured out to put lots of toilet paper down the toilet!!

Jennifer said...

Hey, when your doll wants to go swimming, whose to stop her?! That's really funny!!

Reese said...

hey its kinda hard to clean under your toilet...hehe

NduguNStephie said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! That brought tears to my eyes!!! OMG so funny!!!

Remember when you used to do laundry at mom and dads house..(Jadyn was tiny then) and Jadyn used to flush the dryer sheets down the toilet! AHAHAH!

I heart her!!!

Andrea said...

How have I never heard this story? And I think the part I like best is that Jadyn was playing so independently! Wonder if Riley will ever do that.... Play independtly, I mean.