Friday, April 24, 2009

Arts Festival Friday

Our firm gave each person an extra hour for lunch to take any day this week to spend lingering around the Arts Festival...which happens to be across the street from our building. I am not a huge fan of art [don't hate, Neo], but I am a fan of fair food and spending an extra hour of lunch away from the office, paid--even if it scorching hot outside with a thousand people in a tiny area. Today was the day that my friend, Monica, and I decided to go on over.

I spent my art viewing time looking for that I could display OKC's biggest cock downtown...but we only found one. One rooster in that whole festival and it was a painting:

The picture was taken with the iphone...and you might notice a glare from the glass...can see the tent on the other side of the area we were in and if you look really really really hard, you might see our silhouettes, but it's doubful.

We focused mainly on the food. It was pretty good...we shared an upside down pizza [which quite honestly I was disappointed in because I actually expected it to be upside looked like a pizza to me]...and then I had a Double Chocolate Cobbler w/ Framboise Reduction. Sounds delectable, right? It was a freaking brownie and ice cream. I can't tell you how my heart sank when I saw this dessert that I have been craving for days. Literally...days.
Here is my dessert...right before it was tossed in the trash [aka bin, for you English]:

Well...that was my 2009 Arts Festival experience. Not really worth sharing, but I did anyway!!!

Update: Below is Monica's dessert. It was, as she quoted, "not a let down". It was a Banana Royal...and she loved it!


Eric said...

I appreciate that you went out and made the art scene! What is it about roosters and art fairs???

Even though we are busy at work, we all had a two hour lunch today at a place that used to be run by the Cosa Nostra in Dallas, Campisi's.

Lopez said...

Cosa Nostra...isn't that the Mob??

Girl Interrupted said...

lol I was just about to type something along the lines of how your cock wasn't as impressive as Eric's .... then realised just how wrong it sounded :S

Sorry you had a duff pudding! How disappointing! Your friend's looked awesome though! Yum! (sorry!)

At least you got an extra long lunchbreak and something highly amusing to blog about :P

Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

Lopez said...

G.I.: 'Something Highly Amusing to talk about'...thanks for making me feel better about my boring life!

duff pudding.

I'm going to convert to English. Can I do this?

Eric said...

Yep, Cosa Nostra is the mob and they were here in Dallas about 30 years ago.

I think I want to move to the UK too *sigh*... ;)

Girl Interrupted said...

Haha :P You sure can! We'd be proud to claim you :)

(And that goes for the lovely Eric too)

Mr London Street said...

You can't beat a massive cock shot, so well done!

Word verification is too good to be true - "wadtv".

Tiny Teacher said...

Oh art...I actually majored in art history in college. I love the art I studied, but you know, giant cocks? Eh.

Sorry about your brownie and upside down pizza. That's a bummer.

Kelly said...

Logan and I went too, strictly for the food and outdoor activities...had an Indian Taco which was delicious (I think he enjoyed his hot dog just as much!) and was way to full for the Strawberries Newport that looked delicious on everyone else's plate...bummer.

NduguNStephie said...

mmm those desserts look nummy!!!