Saturday, April 25, 2009

O.D.D. - Checkpoint #2 turns out that Operation Dumbo Drop is really working. Fo' Shizzle! I have been working really effing hard [see side bar]...and have lost a little over 5 pounds at this point...I'm super amazed--it has been about 2 weeks since I started. From experience, hard work [for me] in the gym doesn't pay off and I get really discouraged and quit. This time around, though, Hubs has really been encouraging me with this whole racquetball playing.

Interesting fact: Racquetball will burn 600 - 700 calories/hour depending on intensity. We play I am probably at the higher end of that spectrum.

Racquetball mixed with the running I am doing in order to train for a 5K that we are participating in on May 9th is proving top notch results...gotta keep up the hard work!!!

Side Note: The endurance I have built up for running is fantastic...however, climbing a flight of stairs will leave me winded for a few minutes...Interesting, Interesting...

As London Tipton says on The Suite Life of Zak and Cody [keep in mind I have an eight year old daughter...and even if I didn't, I can't promise that I wouldn't watch the Disney Channel!]: YAY ME!


Eric said...

*Joe Swanson* Yeahhhh! You go LOPEZ!!!! :)

Avg'd 9.5 min miles today at 24 Hour Fitness (good music on the IPod)

Lopez said...

9.5 minute miles are awesome! How long did you run?

IPods. How did anyone excercise w/o them? I can't imagine running around with a portable cd player or tape player strapped to me somewhere...!

Eric said...

Only 2 miles 19 min +0:15, then bike to read a new Penguin Press dual language Italian book.

Yes, maybe one of those big reel-to-reel jobs in a backpack type arrangement?

Girl Interrupted said...

Yay you, indeed! :) WTG Lopez!

Isn't it funny how different exercise can effect you! I've always been good at fast sprinting, but have no stamina for running long distance whatsoever. I can run around all day playing field hockey or football (soccer) but have never been able to get into jogging! And as much as I adore swimming, it soon tires me out :S

Is raquetball what we call squash? If it is, that's a brutal hard game and I totally admire you for playing it! (nice gentle game of badminton or a reasonably fast tennis match is about as much as I can handle :P)

Lopez said...

Racquetball and Squash are a little different in that Squash has different rules and lines on the court and the ball is a little softer...but they look the same to me when I see them play!

I played field hockey 4.5 years out of my highschool isn't mainstream over here (a little more in the east) and it's only a private school thing in my state...but boy...were those fun times!!!

Jennifer said...

Congrats! Keep it up! You are doing awesome!

4.5 years of your high school career? Just how long were you in high school for anyway?? ;-0

Lopez said...

Jennifer: my mistake...since I went to the same school for middle school and upper school, I lump them together. I played 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and part of 11th grade..when I quit due to an ankle injury

NduguNStephie said...

Hey now.. I watch the disney channel... and I dont have kids.. .Did you just BURN me!? HAHAH!

Congrats on your weight loss!!! I am sure it has to do with you O.D.D. and eating in! I am so damn proud of u Lopez!

XoXo Gomez