Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday Night Menu: YoPi

Every Tuesday night I attend a YoPi class at the downtown YMCA. For those of you who may not know, YoPi is a combination Yoga-Pilates class. It is a great activity for removing stress thrust upon the body throughout the day...I feel very relaxed and uplifted at the end of each class, which lasts roughly an hour. Also, there are three *SUPER WONDERFUL* ladies from work that attend the class with me: Monica, Jennifer and Debra!!! It is definitely more fun in a group, even though the talking is very minimal.

Below are two poses that I excel at:
The Plow:

The Firefly:

Okay, Okay, you got me...I can't do either of those poses well...In fact, the Plow hurts my neck very much and the Firefly...well, if my wrists held the weight of my entire body, supported only by the palms of my hands (leave the wiggle room for fingers and toes!)...i'm pretty sure they would collapse and I would no longer have hands. So, out of Spin (Monday and Wednesday night HELL), Running and YoPi, I would have to say this is the activity that I look forward to the most!


Susan said...

Um...yeah...I was going to ask for a firefly demonstration tonight. Hey...I can do the child's pose REALLY WELL!!!!

Andrea & Kevin said...

You're making me miss used to be my favoritest part of the week. Now I just do crouching couch potato, hiding belly fat. Plbh.