Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

I have the best friends and family EVER!!! They really know how to make me feel special on my birthday--and for that (and them) I am eternally grateful!!! On Friday night, I got to have a 'birthday dinner' at Bellini's followed by drinks at Henry Hudsons with some of my favorite people! Friday Night Cast: Andrea and Kevin Miller, Tiffany Benson and her fiance, Scott Short, and Jeff and Kaitlyn Eager. Also featured was my adorable husband, Andy!!! Sunday night, Andy and Jadyn took me out to dinner at my favorite restaurant -- Ajanta!!! At work today, the most festive friend I have, Amy Chavez, decorated my office with signs and purple streamers! Talk about feeling special on your birthday!!!

I love you guys!!!!!

Below is a picture of our Friday night group. Not pictured are Tiffany and Scott--pregnancy can shut a night down early!!!

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