Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Camp Funnybone 2008

Last week, Jadyn and Ethan attended clown camp at none other than my alma mater, Heritage Hall! They both had so much fun clownin' around and acquired the basic essentials of being a clown: balloons, magic and face paint! Saturday the kids put on a marvelous performance (they can spin plates on sticks like no other!!!), demonstrating all of the fun stuff they learned--and at the end of the show, each received a clown diploma. They are now *OFFICIAL* clowns, although...we already knew that! Below are a few fun pictures of our babies!
Face Paint:

In full costume:


Jadyn (her personality really shines through, eh?):

Clown Diplomas:

And Riley wanted to get in on the fun, too!!!

Please Note: I have no idea why the pictures are smaller than the frame...I tried to fix it with no success! Boo!

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Andrea & Kevin said...

Yay for all the clowns. Too flippin' cute. And the two bigs one did such an awesome job!

Love the clowns!!