Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dirty 30 - Zombie Edition / October 6, 2012 (Hinton, Oklahoma)

My friends and I tackled another 5K over the weekend--this time filled with obstacles, mud, frigid weather and *ZOMBIES*!!!  I was not looking forward to waking up early and driving an hour West to run in freezing weather.  One saving grace was the fact that the predicted rain never arrived--so we didn't have to worry about that.  The wind and the temp were pretty brutal though.

This Dirty 30 was set up very well.  The waves of runners were small, so it was neither crowded nor miserable and we didn't have to push through packs of people to maintain a comfortable pace.  The very first obstacle was a vat of mud, which all five of us bypassed to savor any warmth we had in us and then we moved on over hay bales, through tires and man made wooden contraptions, including giant and medium sized walls.  And, of course, we were chased by zombies trying to steal the flags off our belts.  All five of us ended the race sans flags--but we kept hold of them for awhile, zig zagging left and right through groups of 10 - 15 zombies.  It was great fun.

Here is a picture of the girls before the race. 

From Left:  Monica, Chanel, Roxanne, Me and Stephanie

Here are pictures of me DURING the race:

Here are post race photos.  We were freezing.  FREEZING.

Before this run, I had vowed not to participate in any more "fun" runs.  This decision was based on my two color run experiences and the Warrior Dash...HOWEVER, the organization of this particular Dirty 30 (and once we had warmed up by actually moving rather than waiting for the race to begin) has left the option open again.  I would be down for another mud run.  I would.

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