Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Weekend Update: October 19 - 21

This Lopez chicken had an incredibly busy weekend…it’s Wednesday and I’m still in recovery.

Friday night, one of my favorite people and I dressed up in our little German girl outfits and headed up to Tulsa, Oklahoma for Oktoberfest. We were two of, like, five people who dressed up on this chilly night—which resulted in exponential attention. We were asked to take pictures with people, for people…we were asked to dance…and some party goers thought we actually worked there, so we were asked where beer lines were. It was fantastic and a great time for a newly single girl! Here are a few pictures from our night:

Saturday—well I pretty much spent the entire day in bed with a massive headache. Turns out, I am EXTREMELY addicted to caffeine. I need to figure out how to wean myself off of it, but until then…$3.85 white chocolate mochas, nonfat with whip every morning! That evening, however, I went to Evil Dead The Musical with my friends Chanel and Roxanne. It was a really funny, cheesy show and I loved it. I especially loved being drenched in fake blood—thank Goodness Chanel had seen the show before and we were all equipped with ponchos!

Sunday was pretty chill. Chanel and I participated in an afternoon Ghostrunners 5K with her dog, Luna. It was October 21st, but it felt like the middle of summer, with hurricane force winds. I may be exaggerating…but only slightly. It was pretty rough and I haven’t run in so long that my timing sucked ass. I did a lot of walking. That wasn’t a proud moment for me. Nonetheless, here is a picture of Chanel, Luna, Chanel’s cousin and me pre-race.

So that was our weekend. #goodtimes

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