Tuesday, August 14, 2012

That's What She Said

I had to leave my long term kickball team due to divorce.  He inherited the team because his sister and brother in law are the originators and I had to look for a new team if I wanted to continue to play.

A guy I met during my final season with BTTW played for a team called Balls Deep and, through him, I found my new team for the Spring of 2012.  My contact with the team ended up not playing, so I met new people--some of which I really like--but I never felt like I really, truly fit in.  Although I tried.  I went out of my way to be friendly, even stepped out of the box to meet a couple girls at a bar one night.  Solo.  It was very hard for me, but making new friends has always been hard for me.

Balls Deep seemed to acquire many subs over the season, all of which fell in love with the sport (um, kickball is freaking awesome) and since there wasn't room on the team for EVERYONE, they defected and began a new team for Summer 2012.  They liked my little ninja move at catcher and asked me to come along...and since Balls Deep was going to fall apart, I said yes.

So my new team is called That's What She Said.  Each of our shirts has a different (dirty) quote on the front and "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID" really big on the back.  At first, I didn't join in with the tailgating festivities and hung out with BTTW during our breaks (my best girlfriends are there)...but lately, I've been coming around and truly enjoy these people.  Here are a few of the girls on our team (sans two) and our cute shirts.  Oh, and my quote is "Put it in the trunk"...as the picture is a bit blurry. 

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