Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kickball Play-offs: Summer 2012

*That's What She Said.  The Plex's Second Place Champions for Summer 2012*

For the first time since I began playing kickball (circa Fall '08), we had playoffs and championship games.  Last night was the big night.  Very exciting. 

Our team, That's What She Said, went into the tournament in the second tier since we had done so well during the season.  (side note: only two teams made it to the second round to begin).  Our first game was played against a team called Multiple Scorgasms, that won their first game.  We run ruled them, which is always awesome; however, the very last play of the game was when I was at homeplate (I play catcher) and the ball is coming to me to stop a runner from scoring.  I caught the ball, turned and he plowed into me.  This guy (hot, athletic) was pretty big.  I went straight to the ground, took one for the team and now my already aching knee is really messed up.  All I can do is stay off of it for a couple of days and hope it heals in time for my next race. 

Here is the sexy accessory that I got to wear to work today:

After owning Multiple Scorgasms, we played a team with the lamest name ever, JV.  Don't let their name fool you, though--they are a bunch of 25 and 26 year old soccer players who dominate the kickball league at The Plex in OKC.  If I wasn't injured, the mistakes I made at homeplate would have been avoided and we wouldn't have lost AS badly as we did...but we were always going to lose to them.  They are phenomenal...looking forward to squaring off with them in the fall.

Here's a picture of a few of the girls from our team after one of our games.  I don't really like posting pictures of me looking disheveled and worn out (um, or ever in the back of a pick up truck)...but I'll go ahead and take another one for the team, since the other girls look cute as ever!

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