Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Midnight Streak 5K - August 11, 2012

I haven't run in over a month (since the Stars and Stripes 5K), so I was dreading the results of the Midnight Streak that I participated in this weekend. I even decided not to wear my shoe timer, but instead let Chanel wear it, since she was running rogue anyway.  I don't like to record failure; however...I did surprisingly well and my knee didn't give me any trouble at all, which was a shocker.  Plus, it was a beautiful, windless and not-too-humid evening here in Oklahoma City.

BRAG BRAG:  I finished before all of my friends and that's a small victory in my book for certain.

Here is our group of girls -- Stephanie, me, Chanel and Monica (finally, a picture debut for Monica!):

It's a dark picture (hence the midnight part of the race), but please take note and appreciate our beautiful glow sticks.  And what do girls do after they burn some major calories during a race?  IHOP of course...and despite our slimey little waiter and his bitchy little attitude, it was pretty delicious!

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