Monday, January 12, 2009

P|M Challenge - 2009

I have initiated a weight loss challenge with the staff at my work in honor of the new year (and my public New Year's Resolution!). It is $5/week for five weeks and ten ladies have signed up for a grand total of $250 for the winner, who will be based on the most % of body weight lost! We start today and end on February 13th, just in time for Valentines Day!!! I am so excited about this--it will motivate me to eat better and to get my bum off the couch every once and awhile. Plus, I am so competitive that I am totally going to win this thing and...well, bet it on Black! ;o)


Reese said...

They had a thing like this at my job called "well at work" I signed up for it but then I quit b/c thats what I am a quitter - but ours you had to do for a year almost and you had a coach and had to log your gym time it was very detailed --- good luck to ya! don't be a quitter like me!

Carly Jane said...

Go Girl! I got an Ab Chair over the weekend to do everynight because I have to loose the weight and only have 1 month and 2 weeks until my sisters wedding... OMG!!! Good luck

Holly said...

My mom and I are weighing in every Monday at our office. So far I have not lost any weight, but I am hoping I start to!

NduguNStephie said...

OOO We should schedule a Wii Fit date again! =)

I just joined the gym at my school (well it is free... I guess the more appropriate term is.. I just FOUND the gym)... And I plan on going after my classes... =)