Thursday, January 22, 2009

Goodbye Dear Friend...*tear*

Due to the overwhelming responses I've gotten via email and a few comments, I am going to divulge my 4LB/1week weight loss secrets. First, I must give credit where credit is due: Kaitlyn. She is majoring in a field that is health related and the first day of my new diet, she sent me loads of helpful tips, which I am trying to abide by, so THANK YOU, KATE!!
Next, I must say good bye to my dear friend, Coca-Cola:

Dear Coca-Cola,
Love of my life, I miss you so much. It's been a week and three days and I live and breathe through your carbonated fumes, but alas, not a drop has touched my tongue. You will always have a place in my heart, but I can no longer allow you to reside on my hips. It was a great ride, and I may allow you to visit from time to time, but in the distant future.
Love Always,
Your Number One Fan

Now that I got the bad stuff out of the way...

  • The major thing that I have taken from Kaitlyn's advice is the water. I have been drinking a gallon of water a day. I started off with a few bottles, but I have finally reached that point of a gallon...and since I have given up ALL soda-even diet!-, water is the only thing that I am drinking.
  • I am also using half of my lunch period to walk and I take the stairs anywhere I go. Since I work on the 14th floor of our building, I will get off at 11 (another floor that our firm is on) and I walk the rest of the way up--in the morning, after lunch...whenever.
  • Kaitlyn also suggested that I cut my calories in half, so I went ahead and started Weight Watchers (sans the meetings). Everything I learned from weight wathers has been from my sister and my mom. I am keeping within my point range every day and I have been very lucky that Andy is so supportive and isn't tempting me with his food. He will even eat it in the car before he gets home so I don't have to smell it or take 'just one fry'. Also, I am allowing myself one 'out-to-eat' meal per week.
  • Finally, we can't have the diet without the exercise (yuck!). In addition to the walking and the stairs, I have been doing the Wii fit for 30 minutes to an hour every day. This may seem lame to some of you, but a few of the games on there really get my heart pumping like that damn hula hoop, rhythm boxing and Advanced Step. I have also been on the Elliptical for 30 minutes, 5 days a week and the treadmill is my cool down of 5 - 10 minutes. [I cannot get into running again until the weather gets a bit warmer! It totally dried my skin out in November!!]

So, those are my little weight loss secrets for now. I can hardly wait to see what weigh-in is on Monday! Hopefully I am not disappointed!


Carly Jane said...

Good for you!!! That is just awesome that you are doing this. I am going to have to use this advise as well. Ok so that DietDP I had this morning is NO longer going to happen!!! *TEAR* I am happy for you and hope you are the WINNER! (which I know you will be)

Holly said...

I LOVE our Wii fit. I haven't done it in a week, but the hula hoop is my fave! my abs get sooo sore and I get out of breath.

I have got to step it up in the counting pionts. I am going to give it another week and see how I do , but I might have to sacrifice something in the budget to pay for WW meetings.

I have to look good for Jason's 10 year, since I still had all this weight at MY 10 year!

I am a lean, mean, fat burning machine!

Reese said...

Man I need to get rid of coca cola to but its so hard!!

I was going to say something else but now I forgot -- keep up the good work!!

Reese said...

oh now I remember --- one of the girls at work said she almost passed out and had a cramp from the hula hoop but would not let her kids beat her!! ha :)

Kelly said...

You are so dedicated!! A GALLON of water!! I can barely drink one glass...I am getting better though..but it is so hard to give up my diet cokes!! good for you Jaimie YOu ROCK!!

NduguNStephie said...

I wish I was as dedicated as you... I am jealous =)

Andrea said...

Congrats on the big loss--I'm happy for you!