Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Book Club: Twilight

Our group choice for the month of October is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, the first book in a captivating saga about a vampire (Edward Cullen) and a human (Isabella Swan) who fall in love. My sister brought this book to my attention a couple of months ago and warned me that the series would be addicting...she has never been more correct. I swiftly conquered Twilight and moved onto the second book, New Moon and the third book, Eclipse in one week's time. I began the fourth, and final, book Breaking Dawn over the weekend and found myself reading it more slowly, as I know when it's over--there is no more. I've even broken one of my book rules for this series: All of the books on my bookshelf must match in terms of hardback and paperback. The first two books in this series are already in paperback, but the last two are not. In fact, Eclipse doesn't make it in paperback until May 2009 and I needed to satisfy my vampire/werewolf cravings immediately!!

What could be better than losing yourself in a series of incredible books? A movie!!! Twilight the movie will be out in theaters on November 21, 2008 and that cannot come fast enough for me. I watch the trailer, on average, 10 times a day (much more sometimes)...over and over to see if I missed something the first time! The characters they have picked for Edward and Bella are PERFECT. This is definitely an opening night Must-See for me. If you'd like to see the trailer, go here: www.twilightthemovie.com but it may not be as appealing if you haven't read the book.

Here are the covers of each book in the series (in order, of course):


NduguNStephie said...

Awe! You did what I did! I took my sweet time reading the last book.. because I just couldn't bear (sp?) not having Edward and Bella in my life...
so as it took me a week to read the first 3.. it took me 3 weeks to go through the last book.. savoring the final chapters of my fictional boyfriend.. Edward =D


Susan said...

I'm afraid to start that series. I LOVE vampire books. I wish Anne Rice would write more of them, but she became a Christian and seems to have stopped.

The woman who wrote this series you adore is Mormon or something isn't she??? I heard the series is clean. Why can't rice do that?

Okay....leaving and taking my Whining somewhere else.