Monday, November 26, 2012

Bedlam 2012 - Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

This year's Bedlam game made my blood pressure sky rocket.  The entire game was either tied or Oklahoma State was on top--until the very end when it counted.   The game went into overtime--the first for Bedlam--and although Oklahoma State got a field goal in the end, Oklahoma pulled it off with an actual touchdown.  The only time Oklahoma was in the lead, the only time it really mattered.  What a crushing blow--wind out of sails.

As you can see from the picture above, my girls are all Sooners and I'm the only Poke.  I am very happy for them--but I would have been way happier if Oklahoma State won the game.  I must have gone into some sort of Okstate depression because I proceeded to get way too drunk for my own good and ended up having a horrible night--thank God I had a doctor to take care of me!  I actually don't remember taking the above picture--clearly, my tongue is sticking out.  Very sexy.

Here is what I originally looked like...I am very proud of my face decal:

I am a true and loyal Oklahoma State Poke to the end.  I love them cowboys!!!

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