Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday: Colts vs. Saints

I loathe football. I would rather spend the few leisure hours I have off of work doing anything I wanted rather than spending 4+ hours on a Saturday watching football. I've tried to enjoy it, but I don't have it in me--even if I am surrounded by people that I love. Last night was no exception. While *the fam* watched the game, I spent some QT with my daughter and a few minutes on the treadmill. That's just how I roll…and I can see the best commercials today, so I missed nothing.

but I digress…

Although I had no intentions of watching the game, Hubs did ask me who I was rooting for, The Colts or The Saints. I quickly replied with the latter, to which Hubs asked why. It's simple. Reggie Bush plays for The Saints and Kim Kardashian dates him, so I know who he is and therefore feel more familiar with that team. After a quick eye roll, Hubs tells me that I know Peyton Manning as well. My reply was this: No, I do not know who Peyton Manning is. What I do know is that his brother is Eli Manning who played in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago against The Patriots, whose quarterback is Tom Brady, who is married to Gisele Bundchen.

So, the moral of this story: If a player graces the pages of Us Weekly or is a regular on, I know who he is and will root for his team.

Below I have listed a few other ways for an NFL team to be noticed by yours truly:

  • A player falls out of the back of a moving truck during a domestic dispute (Chris Henry, Bengals)

  • A player is murdered by his mistress (Steve McNair, Titans)

  • A player is shot in the leg during a home invasion (Sean Taylor, Redskins) -- in this case, the fact that his love was Andy Garcia's niece didn't factor in at all

  • A player makes a big show of retiring from the NFL and then immediately returns (Brett Favre, Packers/Vikings)

  • A player graduates from my high school (Wes Welker, Patriots)

  • A player has the name Adrian Peterson, aka Hubs 'man crush'

  • I am done impressing you with my vast knowledge of football now.

    The End.


    KJac said...

    Good read, Lopez. This describes my knowledge of football too!

    reese said...

    freakin love it!!! and you!!! good blog!!

    NduguNStephie said...

    I am truly impressed with this blog! I am sending it to Daniel... because I think the SAME way... just not in as much detail..

    You should submit this to a magazine...

    Blonde Barrister said...

    Most awesome!

    JennyMac said...

    HAHA..this was great.

    And will you pretty please link your email to your blogger profile? :) I tried to reply to one of your comments and got 'no reply at blogger' as your email! Boo! :)

    Susan said...

    You crack me up.