Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kelly's Kitchen - Pot Roast and BBQ Sammiches

Almost a year after my last Eating on a Budget entry, I am back with two delicious and money saving recipes from my dear friend, Kelly. Both recipes are made in our slow cooker--which gives us a reason to actually use this wedding gift!

The first meal was a Pot Roast:

Potatoes - $0.75
Celery - $0.94
2 Cans Chicken Broth - $2.00
2 Chicken Breasts - $2.66
Cream of Corn - $0.50
Grand Total: $6.85

We made 7 meals from this (2 dinners and 1 lunch) which brings it to around $0.98/meal. We also threw about 2 servings away because we can only eat so much pot roast before becoming completely sick of it. Also, the prices above are based on the quantity used and we were able to use some of the ingredients (celery/potatoes) to make other dishes. And… coupons are amazing. The chicken broth and cream of corn were each purchased with coupons.

The second meal was Barbeque Beef Sandwiches:

1 Rump Roast - $5.95
BBQ Sauce - $1.00
Bread - $0.75
Grand Total: $7.45

We made 6 meals from this (2 dinners) which brings it to about $1.24/meal. This meal was, by far, the easiest to prepare…just stick the roast in a crock pot with 1/2 cup of water, slather BBQ sauce on top of it and let it cook while you are at work! The meat was so yummy and fell apart easily, making delicious sandwiches!

Thank you so much for these amazing recipes, Kel! You are one of my oldest friends and I heart you so much!!!


Kelly said...

So glad that you liked them and that they were budget friendly!! I heart you too!!

KJac said...

the barbeque recipe is also tasty when you use pork. pulled pork is one of my favorites and when you add hot sauce the flavor is tangy and tasty.

I am very budget concious when I shop as well. Enchiladas are good and easy to make, just follow the recipe on the can. and if you don't have time to go out, McD's and Jack in the Box have fantastic value menus.