Monday, September 22, 2008


Andy and I had a pretty eventful weekend--so much is the case that we need a weekend to recoup from our weekend! It started off on Friday night with Andy's Surprise birthday party! His birthday is October 15th, so it was a super surprise having it in September! Andrea and I used the ruse of meeting her and Kevin at Hey Day in Norman for a fun game of Laser Tag. The whole gang was there waiting to surprise Andy: Andrea, Kevin, Jeff, Kaitlyn, Drew, Christina, Kyle and Rahme…and Kit came later. It was a lot of fun: Beer, Pizza, Cookie Cake, Laser Tag and Arcade games! (We even let the psuedo-birthday boy win Laser Tag! ha ha!) Then we took the party to our house for more drinking and fun games of catchphrase. Jeff and Kaitlyn had so much fun that they decided to sleep over with their son, Aidan! Fun stuff! here are some fun pictures from that night!
The Cake:

The Group Reading Game Results:

The Sweaty Birthday Boy after laster tag:


NduguNStephie said...

That looks like it was a fun party! Too bad Gap likes to schedule me on wknds.. =(

We should play laser tag again sometime and get a cookie cake to celebrate everyone kicking my ass!!! I heart Laser Tag..but i heart cookie cakes even more!

Andrea and/or Kevin said...

So, you're saying it was fun???? Ha ha... It was, by the way.