Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fortune July - 2012

I had a very low-key Fourth of July this year.  The random weekday off started with a 5K at Stars and Stripes park in Oklahoma City with my friends Monica and Chanel.  My knee has been giving me so much trouble that I haven't run in awhile, so the fact that I finished the race under 30 minutes amazed the hell out of me.  Also, running always makes me feel like I can stuff my face guilt-free for the rest of the day!

Chanel and Me before the race (Monica was late, so she didn't make the photo op):

After the race, the three of us went to Jimmy's Egg for a very delicious breakfast...and then i took a nap for a few hours before heading over to my parents house to host some of my favorite girls at the pool.  We proceeded to hang out at the pool for hours...drinking and eating snack food all afternoon.

Chanel, me and Becca:

The day was capped off with a dinner at Bourben Street Cafe and Fireworks in Bricktown, Oklahoma with my darling friend, Ashley. 

All in lazy holiday was pretty perfect.

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Ragazza Bazaar said...

You inspire me to get out and start running!