Thursday, July 5, 2012

Color Run - June 23, 2012 (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

My sister and I did the 2012 Color Run in Tulsa, Oklahoma this year and it was a *blast*!!!  This was a sold out event, over 10,000 participants and we couldn't have asked for better weather.  The race was a 5K and every half mile there was a color station where volunteers poured colored powder on us, depending on the color of that station.  There were four:  yellow, orange, blue and green.  We were also given individual packets of color to throw at the end of the race in a giant crowd--which was a giant poof of color in the sky.  It was pretty amazing.

Every runner was required to wear white to the race and we were released in waves of 1,000 every 5 minutes.  I didn't enjoy waiting for my wave to begin, but once it did, game on!  Stephanie and I had a wonderful time in the race and below are our "Before and After" pics:



One of my really good friends from highschool ran the race as well and we caught up with her at the end.  Here is a pic of Kelly and me:

I really enjoy running (um, duh)...but with my knee hurting every time after a race, it is exciting to tackle these "fun runs"...b/c there is quite a bit of walking involved and everybody is having a really great time.  Also...I feel like I can eat whatever I want after a race (post-race treats) and that is also thrilling.  I love to eat.

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