Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jesus Bird

Background: The city of Oklahoma City has built a beautiful new highway for commuters passing through the area and it opened this past Sunday. It has been in the works for years now and the downtown workers (thousands upon thousands of us) have used the old highway to get to and from home. Since opening the new highway, the old one has been completely shut down, making it extremely inconvenient for us to leave downtown in a timely manner -- or any manner -- with its TWO on ramps for use...based almost a mile out of the downtown area. (To be fair, they are building some boulevard to take us into downtown--however, that will not be ready for 18 long months.) Needless to say, I am not a fan and I think that the planning committee is ridiculous for doing this to so many workers. At least shut down cross streets to get us to and on the highway. Ridiculous!

So, with that said, I was having difficulty on Monday trying to get on the highway and i facebooked about my frustrations.

I got a comment from a friend:

"I guess you used the entrance over by the Jesus House"

It was awhile before I saw said comment and was finally on the highway, going 70 mph...perfect time to check facebook...and so I replied to her comment:

"I don't know where Jesus lives"

IMMEDIATELY after hitting send, a bird hits my winshield. Not bird crap. Not a tiny little sparrow or robin. A giant pigeon-like bird. Dead center of my windshield.

If that is not divine intervention, I don't know what is. I was very fortunate in that my windshield did not break--and the bird guts were minimal, although still there (oops)...and the lesson learned? Jesus knows when I'm kidding around. He knows that I love him and I'm a huge fan...but he does not want me joking around about him in a public forum. *Noted*.

I'm just so glad he didn't send an ostrich down from the sky :) That would have been hard to come back from.

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Eric said...

Who is that guy running for office with all the bumperstickers? Jesus Saves? (pronounced, Hay Zeus Saw veys)