Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bucket List: The O.C.

After six grueling months of sporadic viewing, I finally finished the entire series of The O.C.. Mindless hours wasted on this teeny bopper drama…and I had to keep pushing forward in order to complete this item on my list.

This series had the same story plot over and over--the only difference being the new character thrown in every once in awhile. When Mischa Barton decided to quit the show at the end of Season 3, a frequent appearance (yet small role individual) on the show (Taylor) became more prominent and pretty much took Marissa's place, becoming Ryan's love interest and they started their on-off romance.

The drama didn't just revolve around the teenagers either. The adults had an ample amout of drama too--especially Julie Cooper who pretty much slept with every single man on the show. Ultimately all of the characters were linked together somehow by marriage or the Ex-Factor.

I will state for the record that my favorite character on the show was teenage Kaitlyn Cooper. Beautiful, devious and quick witted, she made the show pretty tolerable.

Despite loathing the series and making fun of the acting every chance possible, the final episode with the kids growing up and the adults moving on made me a bit teary eyed. As ready as I was to finally be free of this show, I was surprised to be a bit sentimental about leaving Ryan, Seth and Summer behind. This was definitely a great way to shut the door on teeny bopper shows [um, The Hills/The City does not count] and proceed through the door with a big, fat 30 written on it!

Thank you, Stephanie, for not only the suggestion to put this on my list, but for purchasing the entire series to make it possible for me to complete this item!!! You rock!!! [There is no sarcasm there]

Another Bucket List Item Bites the Dust


Blonde Barrister said...

Good work. We need an updated list with the items you have completed crossed off so we know what is left. I can't remember them all!

Matthew said...

If I had to watch this much OC, I think I'd be hastening my contact with the bucket to be honest!

I salute your fortitude and character. :)

Girl Interrupted said...

Well I've never watched it, so I can't fully appreciate just how tortuous it might have been ... but I'm guessing it was pretty hard going ... so well done you!